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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Widebody Golf 7 GTI Presented by Ingo Noak

Specialist tuning firm Ingo Noak has a tradition of taking cars that don't get enough love and making them really cool. They did it with the Scirocco, and they are doing it again with...

2018 BMW X3 Drops Flying Nurburgring Laps, Ready for Production

Only a few months separate us from the moment when the third incarnation of the BMW X3 will enter production, so you should take a good look at the prototype lapping the Nurburgring in...

TechArt GrandGT Makes the 2017 Panamera into a Supercar

Say hello to the Porsche Panamera Turbo tuned by TechArt, now with added video goodness. The GrandGT was first seen in Geneva last month, but we though this clip is worth any speed freak's...

2018 Jaguar F-Type Brings 4-Cylinder Engine to Nurburgring, Prototype Sounds Meh

April 2017 will forever be remembered as the month when the Jaguar F-Type went down the four-cylinder route. And, despite Coventry having already unveiled the turbo-four incarnation of its sportscar, a prototype has been...

Chrome Red Porsche 918 Spyder Flaunts Its Weissach Package in Miami

When Porsche designers came up with the gorgeous details of the 918 Spyder, one of their top priorities was to stick to the understated aura that has defined Porsche crest bearers even since the...

Wheels & Waves 2017 Show Sponsored By Indian Motorcycle

It was last year when Indian Motorcycle attended the Wheels & Waves festival, but now the motorcycle maker makes a return - this time as an official sponsoring partner. Held at various locations near...

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan Production Rendering Still Looks Good

We love Mercedes preview concepts, even though they don't always stay true to what's about to happen. But just like the GLC Coupe study from a few years back, the Concept A Limousine has...

2018 Subaru WRX and STI Get Price Bump

German compacts are pretty expensive, but Subaru's WRX and STI have steadily become less affordable with each model year. For the 2018th one, the base model starts at $27,855 including the $860 destination charge....

One in Three British Drivers Admit They Fear Parallel Parking

A recent survey exposed that one in three British drivers go to significant lengths to avoid completing driving maneuvers because they fear they might get them wrong. Parallel parking is at the top of...

McLaren Hints At 2+2 GT, Four Doors Not Happening

Ever since the F1 of the 1990s, McLaren as a manufacturer has always been interested in pushing the performance envelope. It is puzzling how well the automaker does these days compared to the Formula...

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